Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

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Weaving Art and Science through Nature GRADES PK-3RD Experience Earth Measure, our massive sculpture that merges art and science! Students will explore sights and sounds of the piece, take a walk to compare the designs of other artwork, and use natural materials to construct their own sculpture. Key concepts include elements of design, structure and properties, and engineering practice.

Wilson Creek Ecology and Restoration GRADES 4 & UP The Wilson Creek stream restoration site provides students the unique opportunity for hands-on study of stream ecology. In the past, humans straightened the creek to allow for farming; but in 2003, the channel was restored to its natural condition, creating a prime location for research, education, and natural management opportunities.

In addition to exploring the history and ecology of Wilson Creek (crawfish catching included!), students will also determine which factors contribute to stream health and investigate the ecological results of the initial restoration project.

We need people to volunteer to drive students from the visitor center to the creek in their SUV or VAN. We are limited in the number of vehicles we can take to the creek, and the vehicle has to cross the creek to reach the parking area. If you are not comfortable letting your child ride with another parent, you may not want to sign up for this field trip.

For Wilson Creek: please advise your students to wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. Everyone will be encouraged, but not obligated, to wade in the shallow water as we investigate aquatic life. Ideal footwear includes old sneakers, rain boots, water shoes, or sandals that completely attach to the feet (Tevas, Chacos, Keens, etc.; flip-flops are not allowed. Items like a towel, change of clothes, insect repellent, hat, etc. are also welcome, but not mandatory.

Please pack a sack lunch to enjoy with your family after the field trip! This field trip will last approximately 3 hours.

These field trips run con-currently.


Date: Monday, May 22, 2017
Time: 9:50am
Ticket price:
Weaving Art and Science through Nature GRADES PK-3RD: $8/student
Wilson Creek Ecology and Restoration GRADES 4 & UP: $11/student
Non-participating adults & children 3 & under are free
Reservation/Cancellation Deadline: 4/14/17

To Register, please fill out this form. Payment is due within 3 days of submitting your reservation request. The Wilson's Creek field trip is capped at 30 child participants. Anyone submitting a reservation beyond the 30 seats will be added to the waiting list. The Weaving Art and Science through Nature field trip is unlimited.
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Weaving Art and Science through Nature GRADES PK-3RD

Wilson Creek Ecology and Restoration GRADES 4 & UP

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