By submitting a payment for a River City Field Trip event, you agree to our terms and conditions listed here.

You can reserve space on field trips by going to the field trips page, clicking on the title of the field trip, and submitting the reservation form at the bottom of the page. Payment is due within 3 days of submitting your reservation form. If you are sending a check, it needs to be postmarked no later than the 2nd business day.

Your reservation is NOT confirmed until your payment is received! Only reserve space on field trips that you intend to keep.

It is your responsibility to check the Database to ensure that your spots were reserved, and that we received your payment. You will need to Notify us if something is amiss.

Send check payments and a payment form (available as a Word Doc or Google Doc) to:

River City Field Trips
1107 State St #2
New Albany, IN 47150-4886

If you are sending a payment by Paypal, please use these instructions as a guideline .  Paypal payments sent with fees associated  will be  charged a 4% convenience fee.  Paypal payments sent with fees associated can ONLY be refunded for the amount paid MINUS the Paypal fees.  This policy changed on 8/18/16 due to Paypal’s new refund rules enacted on 6/26/16.

01.  Log into your Paypal account.

02.  Click the “Send Money” tab at the top of the screen.

03. Click the “Send Money to Friends or Family” button.

04.  In the “To” box, type in

05.  In the “Amount” box, type in the Total for the trip or trips (feel free to combine payment for multiple trips).

06.  You can use your “Paypal Balance” or “Instant Transfer” to send money fee free.

07.  It will automatically default to paying with your Paypal balance or bank account. If you want to send money using a credit
card or debit card, click under the “You’re Paying With” button. It will pull up a side menu. From there, you will be able to select a credit card or debit card, and it will show you the amount of fees that you will need to pay.

08.  Enter the name of the field trip you are paying for, and your name in the message field.

09.  Click “Send Money.”