Resources for Homeschoolers

We highly recommend that you check out has the most comprehensive, up to date list of homeschooling resources in Kentuckiana.  We have some of the main ones listed below.

Support Groups

Online support groups are an invaluable resource for homeschoolers. There are a plethora of groups available from local to national that cover every topic imagineable. These are the local groups in the Kentuckiana area. Unless otherwise specified, the groups are based in Louisville. If you would like to add your group, please email us!

Free Range Homeschoolers is a secular group open to all individuals interested in homeschooling. The organizers are located near Louisville, Kentucky, so many group activities will be focused on that area (but are not limited to just Jefferson County). The premise of this group is community, compassion and support. No one is excluded because of schooling style, belief system, family style or age. This group can be accessed on Yahoo at and on Facebook at

Louisville Homeschool is a secular list for all homeschoolers in the greater Louisville metropolitan area as well as those considering homeschooling. This list is used to notify users of field trips and educational opportunities available in the Louisville area and also as a forum for discussion concerning homeschooling. This group can be accessed on Yahoo at

Home for His Glory is a list for Christian Homeschoolers in the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas. This is a place to share homeschool ideas, questions, field trips, prayer requests and discuss issues related to homeschool families… a place to build one another up in our efforts to teach our children in Christian homes. This group can be accessed on Yahoo at or on their website at

Heart’n’Home is a Christian homeschool support group for the parents of homeschooled children. HnH provides opportunities for fellowship, field trips, mentoring, information exchange, and much more. All these activities are organized by our members and are a result of members volunteering their time, talents and energies to create opportunities for themselves and the rest of the group. This group is located in Southern Indiana and can be accessed on their website at

Saint Thomas Aquinas is a Catholic support group. We offer activities like Catholic Clubs, which include Little Flowers, Blue Knights and a teen group. Other activites include a monthly liturgical-based multi-aged activity, field trips, and other activites. We are Catholics faithful to the Magisterium of the Church and involved in our parishes. This group can be accessed on Yahoo at

and on their website at